Boomie Blast was the first title I worked on when I joined Treasurehunt. It is an iOS only game which got released in 2015. It is a spritual descendant of Bomberman built for mobile platforms. It is fast paced and has got a lot of explosions. Unfortunately it wasn’t too much of a success because of a lot of innovative gameplay features and because of that too little knowledge about the target audience. Still it is a fun game with super tough levels and cool level design.

In the following section you can find programming and vfx work samples for this project.

Live Balancing Tool

Since Boomie Blast, believe it or not, was quite a balancing heavy game,  I worked on a tool which fetches information from google spreadsheets and and updates them live in game on device during runtime. Designer loved it!

Level Editor

To make the life of our level designers not too difficult, we created a separate tool inside of Unity which enabled level creation, editing and deletion way easier. We reimplemented the full palette of actions you would expect in a 3D environment specifically for our game. After “finishing” the editor, it was my task to  extent it and fix bugs whenever they occured.


For this project I only had a few chances to create shader or effects. One of them is an animated lava shader which you can see in different levels on the edges.