Welcome my friend!

My name is Stefan and I am so happy to be able to say that I'm part of the german games industry since 2014. I love to make games and I hope I will fill this page throughout the next years with a lot of tutorials, experiences and learnings. Like every other student I dreamt to work in games years before I got the chance to prove myself. I've worked over 5 years to get finally into my dream area: Technical Art. It's been a tough ride, Technical Artists are apparently Unicorns which can do anything: 2D painting, 3D modeling, lighting, OOP programming, shader and whatever comes to the mind of game developers nowadays. I'm a more technical person and I freakin' love shaders. So I figured I focus on the things which I like the most, eventually people saw the potential that I could fill that position. And still can which I'm very proud of. I will always strive for the most interesting projects there so at some point I will be able to work on the games I always dreamt of.

By the way, the guy on the bottom (or right depending on what device you're using), that's me. If I wasn't a game developer, I would probably be a halfway successful football player, a guitarist in a metal band or maybe a teacher talking random stuff all day long. But I'm 29 right now and the games industry is more volatile than a mentos in a coke. So we'll see where I end up in this life.