TT Odyssey, founded in January 2018, is formed of roughly 30 employees all working on an Lego Star Wars battles, a mobile game, similar to ‘Clash. TT Games consists of several subsidiaries, most of them creating Lego games across all platforms.

I’ve worked there as a Technical Artist, focused on mainly pipeline tools for artists and programmers. Additionally I helped out in the graphics programming department creating shaders and profiling tools. Rigging characters in Maya was another task which I took over. The languages I used mainly were C#, Python, Javascript and CG.

[…] Stefan was always super-proactive in improving any areas of our project creatively or technically wherever he saw the opportunity . On a personal level it has been great to get to know him; he’s a brilliant team player and looks out for his colleagues. […]

– Matt Buchanan, Lead UI Artist at TT Odyssey
(excerpt from Linkedin)