Pet Paradise was my second project at Treasurehunt. It is in Technical Launch since December 2016 after almost 6 months of development. Once more time we used Unity for this project. Pet Paradise a classical Bubble shooter with a metagame pushing the motivation of the player to keep on playing. In that metagame, you collect pets and put them on your island. Therefor you need to coins which you earn by winning bubble shooter levels. In the following sector you can find some work samples from me.

On Pet Paradise I worked as Programmer as well. Because of my extensive graphics knowledge, I was the owner of every graphical aspect. That means I didn’t implement everything around this topic, but I needed to keep track of all features and helped out artists and others programmers adding and reusing new things. Examples for this are the user interface, shader, 3D asset pipeline or lighting. Furthermore I worked on a lot of gameplay related features like the screen shakes, the impact animation when a bubble hits the rack, the timing for the matching of the bubbles, then showing the score and afterwards moving the rack. I implemented the rainbow bubble,  a generic vfx system for bubbles and so much more. Additionally the level editor which got created for this project was almost completely done by myself. Because of that I was able to extent my Unity Editor knowledge quite a lot. One of the key improvements this time was a helper system which allowed the user to right click on every button / label which redirected them to a guideline page on how to use this. This helped tremendously to improve the understanding and accessibility of the editor.